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This is the the website for administrative activities of the Clan MacLeod Societies worldwide

We are happy to note that you apparently have an interest in the Clan MacLeod, but from this website you won't learn much about the fascinating history of our Clan and the present day public organisations and their enthusiastic members. The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies exist to strengthen and consolidate the bond of fellowship among our Clan MacLeod Societies throughout the world, as well as among among individuals who are members of, or associated with, these Societies.  

Please join us on our public website www.clanmacleod.org

Seriously, it's a lot more fun over there, and you are very likely to make new friends and perhaps even find relatives from all over the world.  The national Clan MacLeod Societies themselves sponsor social, historical, and cultural events for members as well as for the general public.  There are ten national Clan MacLeod Societies, dozens of regional organisations, and we welcome members from all nations. Please consider joining us - we will be delighted to meet you.    

If you have any questions about this site or the Clan MacLeod organisation worldwide, please send a raven to our website fairy.  

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